Broadcast Journalist with Accra-based Citi Fm, Umaru Sanda Amadu has been reminded that he is not above the law and can be subjected to a search by the police where they deem it fit.

It would be recalled that the journalist in a live video shared on social media was seen to have been stopped by personnel of Ghana Police Service on Saturday for a random search of his car for drugs and weapons.

An activist of the governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) Frank Mandela Bawumia who sees nothing wrong in the conduct of the police who stopped the journalist and subjected him to rigorous check around circle on Saturday wondered why there is so much noise about the incident.

In a tread of Facebook posts endorsing the actions of the police he said “The Police can stop and search any vehicle at any time anywhere. Nothing wrong with that. I have been stopped many times by the police and asked to pull over. However inconvenient it may seem at that moment, I comply. Where are you off to? I tell them. Open your boot for search, I do. Produce your license, I do. Produce your car papers, I do. They check, and next minute, I’m on my way. What’s so difficult about this? I don’t get it”

The video has divided opinion on social media.

The Police in the video were see searching every compartment of the car so they could find something to implicate him.

At a point, they literally stripped him publicly as one of them asked he takes off his shirt and other clothes to be thoroughly searched.

After a thorough search of the car and on him, Umaru Sanda Amadu made the police aware of his intentions to sue them because he has been verbally abused by one of the officers.

Peeved by claims of taking them to court, the Police Officer who saw nothing wrong with the search dares him to do his worse.

“You’ll go where? If you’ll go to court for police searching you, I don’t have a problem. My brother, you can go to the moon court for me searching you,” one of the Police officers was heard saying in a little exchange with Umaru Sanda. Zoure/2020

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