Reno Omokri has blamed Northern lead representatives for dozing on their positions and permitting Boko Haram to assault individuals in the North-Eastern of Nigeria.

He said the governors used their time to fight social media while Boko Haram was attacking the citizens in their states. He took to his Instagram page to make the claim:

Northern Governors went to Aso Rock to attack social media. While they were attacking social media, Boko Haram was attacking the Northeast. Bandits were attacking the Northwest. Herdsmen were attacking the North-central. And extreme poverty was attacking the North as a whole. How can a region be plagued by such menaces and it is free speech that their leaders want to attack? If Northern leaders face the problems of the region with the same singleminded focus with which they are facing social media, Northern Nigeria would not have 13 million out of school children!

Newzandar News


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