Let me share this my experience with you on graduation from the University.

Please schedule some time on this…You will be happy you did. Especially for my Fresh and aspiring graduates.

11,10,9,8….0,Miss Celina counted down.Miss Celina is a young lecturer in the department. Boom! Everyone hurriedly submitted their papers and rushed out for the usual ceremonial exercise as perceived “Graduates” as friends are long waited outside with bags of water,mixed solution,wine,soft drinks,just to mention but a few. The water was to be poured on them with the white painted “sign out” shirt.

Their joy could not be contained including mine, with the shouts in the air “No more semester again”,” No more night class “, some funnily added ” No more jacking again”-This statement in particular caught my attention, but I will discus why below the lines.

I seem unpopular among the lower level students,so no much came to pour me water except for the departmental president and I decided not to let much persons know I will be finishing the day I did less they come and wait for me(I hated this activity the most…and I don’t give room for it in case you’re thinking to come and perform one on me-Pls park well o). The lower levels and friends did their work well,Thank God for my life. “Fine boiz like us,they no they too rush us”…As some persons were begging to be poured water on. This seem so serious as I watch.

I stood by the side as thoughts ran through my head. My interest wasn’t on how I am going to be free from ” book work” but why so much people find joy when they are been poured water on,I actually thought on one line that these water being poured on them will fetch them good fortune as new graduates. But I was wrong.Which ever motive they had, it’s not my subject of discussion. However,if I become the minister of Education, there are some activities I would humbly remove from the university system especially amongst the final year students.

Disclaimer: Am not against any one celebrating a successful outcome. In fact, I love celebrations. Did I say you shouldn’t perform your usual ceremony for final years?? Don’t read what ayam not saying o.

I have not made so much noise about being a final year students because am too busy thinking. My thoughts on how to add value to Lives. It got me too busy that I wasn’t interested in being part of the final year week for Fyb’s..some said I was being too spiritual (Na you oo). A big thanks to my own lecturer Dr. Samuel Adodo who taught us on “Thinking outside the box”. My greatest time as a student was in his class,I come out from each of his Career class challenged and with fresh business ideas and how to add value to my society.

Majority of the persons I have discussed with over time,feels being a graduate is all that is to be outstanding in the society. Haunty, I can I remind you that B.sc is becoming like a normal SSCE certificate that almost everyone has. In my place, most market women or men has Bsc…so why make so much noise. They had their certificate and yet they aren’t were they dreamt to be with their reasons,probably mistakes too anyway. This is where my challenge came from.

You’re a graduate of mechanical engineer,let me shock you..That mechanic boy on the street without primary education seems better of an Engineer than you;Congrats my Egbon electrical engineer that cannot fix a cable across a house; Huncle Economist who can proffer economic solutions to his father’s business. Well,I would not blame it on our perceived “graduates” I blame it on the school who though us to read and pass exam and then Some of them who give us exam to make sure we fail, and others who are so much lazy to mark our script-So na simple questions win am. Except for the few who exposed us to realities to becoming relevant in the world.

We are so keen to graduate with a first class or a “two-one” being too busy without getting the rudimentary to succeed in the outside world.

We came, we saw, we conquer is a major line amongst final year students who are confused (Come and beat me,am in my plans😎)…my simple question: on what basis does this line stand. Let me leave it for my Haunties,and Huncles who are already angry with this to justify. Hmmmm

Education vs School
How it broke my heart that I so much wanted to be in school than to be educated…I came across an a young man who was an arm robber(Emphasis: Was) a graduate and he told me this and I quote him in his words…pls read carefully. Don’t read what am not saying:

” I regretted going to school than being educated. The emphasis was being a graduate of Uni-x than being exposed to realities that will make one a solution provider in the society “

So where did we get it wrong? My Huncles and Haunties set five days aside to celebrate,party on they ground of being graduates… ‘Omo,after you na you o’.

Many eyes are on you especially from your sponsor through school,they are expectant, perhaps you have younger ones…Most times,parents believe that being a graduate grantees your success. Gone are the days…You think this way in the days of Prof. Mon Nwadani, Prof Abeiku and others when the economy seemed better and when the university wall provided education at its real value.

This my is simple submission… Celebrate in simple pleasure, and gear up for challenges ahead. Being a graduate does not guarantee your being successful, most successful people in our world are not graduates, they are educated in that they have added value to their society.

It’s time to think,plan,fail,rise and create a revolution that the world has not seen. It takes beyond being a “Graduate” to do that.

Than waiting for miracles and collar jobs…create one. In the next two years,I will be creating a platform to employ 200 persons…so think and act in this line. The world is so fierce. Only intentional people survive.

Be intentional about life.

This is where the story began!
It’s not the point to claim Success…make every single moment count from now!

Let me get your get your response on the comment box.


  1. This is a down to earth, suspence filled, life story told from the mouth of one inspired by God.

    Sir, you are an inspiration to our generation.

    Thank you!

  2. wow!!!Precious Dum Dum power Dunamis well done sir, l use to say it sometimes that in some University s are been thought only theories, Thank God for one methodological institute then at Onitsha that helped my friend to go real practical,in his field…… But University use to do practical but they lack instrument shaa!!!! Entrepreneur ship is very ok for men and women that doesn’t want to wast their time in the University only doing read and pass work….. But that doesn’t mean one should not go to school…. Akwukwo na ato uto ona afia aru na mmuta onye nwere nkasi obi oga amuta akwukwo, oburu na nne gi na nna gi nwee!!! Ego!!!! It seems this day that only rich people goes to school? But that still doesn’t make them so successful as bro Dunamis said…. Well done bro!!!

  3. Great piece. Nigerian university system is not tailored towards solving life problems. They don’t even know that the world is evolving. Some studied precolonial principles that are meant to solve 21st century problems. So sad. We study just to pour it during exam. That’s all. Self improvement is the way out.

    • The Nigerian Gabbage in – gabbage out reading has now become a culture in our educational system and no one really cares too much about this error to correct it. This is why we have half baked graduate roaming the streets, causing a nuisance every where. Very few are willing to work for what they want, they feel the world owes them.

  4. Wow, this write up is so insipiring.
    For one to be intentional.

    Got to hear about your blog from a friend. So far your contents have been quite educative. Thank you for this.

  5. Be intentional about life! We all should be aware of the choices we make. Don’t make choices you’d regret in the future. Work towards that future you have always dreamt about.

  6. Truly being a graduate does not secure ones success in life. As a student we felt graduating was the end of our trouble only to graduate to find out that our struggles just began. We surprisingly but not so surprising are just an added number to the unemployed eligible youths We have in our country. One has to either strive to get a job that can barely cater for our needs, talk less of our wants OR think outside the box to be ahead of our peers.

    Now to think out the box demands real education and determination. One has to be intentional about what you want to be and how you’d get there. Be intentional about do the things that would actually get you there.

    A nice and timely write up P.Dunamis

  7. All the same the joy of writing ones last paper was gotten the taste of freedom. The celebration was not necessary but worth the smiles and the lovely memory of a day most of us are glad to have witnessed.

  8. All the same the joy of writing ones last paper was gotten from the taste of freedom we felt we just aquired. The celebration was not necessary but worth the smiles and the lovely memory of a day most of us are glad to have witnessed.

  9. Deep… Lot of persons simply feel going to school will solve there financial problem in the future, only to come to a strange Realization while in service or after service. Thanks for the enlightenment.


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