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Nobody was born top.. Everyone who is at the top choose to be there. That’s to say, he one day choose to want to be at the top.

Being at the top is a decision. A decision to “want to” and a decision “to do”. This is two major decisions that shapes anyone and brings him to the top.

In your wish or desire(Which is an indication of Interest) add decision or “work” to it.

Look deep inside of you and discover that hidden or obvious treasure inside of you and unleash it. This generation is waiting for what you can offer. Imagine if there was nothing like electricity or what have you?? Someone choose to add this value and we are forever grateful for it.

If you check the people at the top, They are not lazy or idle… They’re known to have added one value or solution or the other in their sphere.

Don’t be discouraged if you feel there’s competition to what you can offer in the marketplace, the place of creativity comes in,Where you’re given opportunity to be unique in your own way.

Frank Edwards and Chioma Jesus both sing but you will notice the difference between them, It’s their uniqueness. They don’t fight themselves over which because they know their interest and area of purpose. This is basic to understanding this concept.

What will pay you in 2020 or in this digital age is your decision to deliberately add value in your sphere or area of calling. Think of problem(s) you can solve, Invest time to making them a reality. With this you have created wealth for yourself and for your community.

He who creates value or an idea creates wealth. Read this again…Did you understand it. How i wish many individuals will take time investing on value creation other than just investing in packaging that don’t worth the content.

You want to be financially independent in this digital age…Choose to add value. Create ideas the world is yet to see in a perspective. We await your witty ideas. I trust you to be able to change your world.

God has inspired you with divine ideas. Explore! It is your ability to explore these ideas and harness your innate qualities that bring you into relevance in your market place. God didn’t finish creation, he gave us privilege to create what didn’t finish. That should be a strong driving force to becoming useful in your community with the value you choose to add.

I see you winning. The bottom is too crowded for you, Your place is the top!

Can i have you say in the comment “My place is the top” in the comment box.


  1. My place is at the top!! Yeah yeah.Have learnt from one of my teachers to work for value not for the money,though it isn’t easy but it is the fact.
    Add and create value ,then watch your wealth flow….

  2. Think of problems you can solve and invest time in making them a reality.
    Don’t just think it, invest in it.
    Thank you


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