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Be aware that nothing ever just “Happens” to you. Just like the “Yellow alerts” in the old Star Trek TV series, you almost always receive advance online warnings-In the form of telltale signs, comments from others, gut instinct, or intuition-that alert you to the impending danger and give you time to prevent the unwanted outcome. Intuition is one of the greatest gift we can ever think of, because it keeps us embraced with trends of what is within our environment. Most people play around this factor in their dealing with situation and things. Most often times it bounce back with loads of regrets. I must say humans are naturally created to defend themselves against dangers. Yellow alerts when adhered to can save one fro unusual influx of danger in his community. This often times frames around relationship, romantic ones most of the times. We will discus this in the context of human relationship.

You’re getting yellow alerts all the time, You should not ignore these alerts  because they determine how well you will be in the course of time. Relationships becomes sore if yellow alerts are ignored.

 These alerts  are external yellow alerts and internal yellow alerts. Let’s take a brief about these two.

External yellow alerts.

Like it is described, It is often times happenings which you didn’t notice within you. It is obviously shown from the individual’s action. However most people ignore this because of emotion and ‘Love’. Let see some of the obvious actions that should give you yellow alerts :

1.He keeps coming home later and later with Alcohol on his breathe.

2.The client’s first check bounced. And he didn’t have enough explanation to it.

3.He screamed at his secretary more than one once without any good reason, if is there is, It has become more like a lifestyle.

4.His mother warned you about some of his or her habit either directly or indirectly.

5.Your friends told you sought of certain implications of his behavioral pattern.

Internal yellow alerts                       

Below are certain internal yellow alerts you should not ignore.  Internal  yellow alerts are personal dealings or specifications in your spirit. Most times, it speaks just to you. Despite how silent they might speak to you, You’ll need to certainly consider them. Below are these internal alerts:

1.That feeling in your stomach could be an internal alert, Just don’t ignore it.

2.That inkling you had. Oh! Sometimes, these are life saving.

3.That fleeting thought could be an alert.

4. Your intuition raps these because it is wide and could be a major internal alert especially for women who are understood over time to perceive much.

This and more are yellow alerts you should not just ignore in this face of time to avoid making mistakes that can cost your life and relationship with people. I recommend you take your take time to read this again. Think about and thank me later as you adhere to these  instructions on this publication. I see you winning!

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  1. Paying attention to cues can save your life in the long run. Some detrimentally ignore this especially in relationships leading to marriage. It as never turned out well.


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