Having to struggle/fight for all you think you can become or should become is fundamental for the ‘good life’ you envisage. But, we do wish this aspect was a little less demanding. Of course, no one wants a fight as tiring as this, a fight with no seeming end. But the struggle most times isn’t from without, Lo, it’s from within. The tide gets even stormier when the struggle is not just for success but for Control.

This beckons the question: How do you take charge when you’ve lost the one thing that determines peace?.  

Now, your mind is subjugated, your will-power taken away and maneuvered by what you empowered (Your Indulgence(s)).  In a detrimental approach to still appear in charge, some think pairing their indulgence(s) alongside what they do will help, so they wear their struggle as a badge of honor but ride on the vile back of indulgence.

Gradually, the horse and its rider become one. Desire, passion and all that once were worthwhile, gradually like the stars in morning, fade away. This time the former struggle is nothing compared to what is now. Now, it’s no more a fight, it’s subjugation in its full glory. All that remains are the memories of what once were.

Your indulgence(s) come singing alleluia with all the weapons that were once yours (passion, desire…. Etc). Reminiscence of the time control was a luxury gradually brings you to the brink of imploding but not today, Salvation is here.

To beat out the implore of this ravaging passion that has become a lifestyle, you couldn’t until this day is here. Your day of salvation and deliverance from a lifestyle that doesn’t depict who you are, A lifestyle that took your life away and gave you a fake identity. As you worth more than it has taken, Stand O! Gallant man.

No more! Today is come upon you as your day of breaking forth from them.

Come out from them and be made separate, is the call your soul and spirit calls out. You have dwelt so long on this mountain, Hear the out the cry of your soul and not the demands of your body. Your bodily feelings are quite deceptive, Very deceptive. It is now or maybe never!

This is a cry from a man shrouded on addictions with the quest to be delivered. You are coming out stronger.

A cry from a man who lost hope on how he can deal with the tendency that gives him pleasure.

Here now, what can give you pleasure can kill you, It may not allow you see the effects it will have on you till it shrouds the life out of you. Thread with caution when you start getting fond of any habit. It could lead you to your early grave or regrets in the later days.

You must thread with caution to avoid giving yourself to death in the guise of life and pleasure. It is pivotal this becomes a reality in your life: that is the ability to see a habit as an addiction and make retrace to get back to you. Not doing this might just end you up in places where you never desired.

The secret to possibly curbing this is opening to some one who can sincerely be of help to you, not one who will use it against tomorrow Be deliberate about this, it is key to breaking free.

You can send me an email@ admin for counseling if you’ve issues with addictions.

Here now friends ,Let’s discus on the others, how you think Addictions can be dealt with in the comment session.


  1. First of all don’t try or experiment that act.Secondly,make friends with overcommers of life struggles and ones that will never let you go even when you push them out. Keeping busy or being occupied by relevances,even when they knock at your door, it won’t last for a second cause you aren’t idle.
    When you are less busy also occupy yourself with good songs that reminds you about your purpose of existence because if you dare forget about your reason of living you will definitely be ruined by addiction.
    Idleness makes one remember and meditate on irrelevances,
    Also make sure your discussion with anyone isn’t filty.
    Avoid lieing and being your own best teacher. Don’t also focus on your frustrations rather think about solutions.
    Those have really helped me.

  2. At last everyone has to be addicted; we have to suffer or, as the case may be, enjoy addiction. The question is: addiction for what? Addicted to what?

  3. 1. I must say before solution, there is need for appropriate understanding of the root of d problem called addiction.
    In science,the doctor must know the pathophysiology of even ailment before the rightful solution that can yield effective result.
    The roots here may include;how it started,wat caused or lead to it,wat triggers it…this n more.

    2.The understanding and true believe that such act is wrong…. Bcos its when u don’t know DT its wrong n not proper DT is why one continues to swim in it.

    3.A decision to stop must genuinely come from you.if its forced,then it can’t yield effective result. The victim tends to stop n after a while continue.

    4.Because sin thrives in secrecy,you must open up to a true friend or any one who can be of help to you.
    ADDICTION CANT n WILL NOT BE CONQUERED WITHOUT OPENING UP…..though it may work differently for people.

    5.Be intentional about stopping…. I mean you must b observant,watch yourself carefully n appropriately, know what n when to avoid,engage urself into useful activities.

    6.The friend you opened up to,is to help you deal with it…..but you must choose to be ACCOUNTABLE.
    Accountability with help n go a long way.

    7.GODFACTOR method. Before God factor method can work,you must also b working too.Because faith without work is death.

    This is the basics.

    These n many more steps,depending on the persons issue….

    • This is so aptly inked ma. This is what it is…Thank you for taking your time on this, I celebrate you greatly. Permission to add this to the compilation for the next publication. Thank you so much, I honor you ma’am


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