Renowned Nigerian Actor, Mike Ezuronye, has made a first public appearance on his social media page months after taking a French leave. The actor went off the screens to concentrate on his health.

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The handsome Mike Ezuronye had an eye problem as a result of the light rays he faces on set and behind the computer and phones to be able to come out with the desired movie to please the fans. He had a close shave with blindness that needed urgent surgery to correct the anomaly.

According to Mike Ezuronye, though he was scared, advised from experts motivated him to have the surgery and thankfully everything went on successful.

The actor updated his fans on the situation by saying there was growth in his eye which was a result of the years he spent on set and the excess amount of light rays he had had contact with.

”Forgive being Reluctant but just had to share…Many don’t know what we go through in the course of our work (FILM MAKING). Had a growth encroaching the pupil of both eyes cos of overexposure to HARSH movie Production LIGHTS over the Years…(Heard looking into your PHONE/COMPUTER for too long also puts one in Danger)…Advised to get Surgery done, I was Scared,” he posted.

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