Still in confusion? The real reason is that a video of the beautiful actress is going viral on the internet and it dates back to the year 1998 when the Miss World of that time graced an episode of the show. We all are pretty aware of the fact that she is a beautiful actress, an exceptional wife, a loving mother and a great human being.

But there was another talent of the actress that got revealed during the course of the show, all thanks to her co-actor Chandrachur Singh. What exactly happened was that Singh told the audience that Aish had a hidden talent and that is when Sheikh asked her to sing a few lines for them.

The pretty looking actress smiles and sings few lines from the song of the movie Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (1997), ‘Meri Saanson Mein Basa Hai.’ Aishwarya, as she sang looked all nervous and this is what she said but we are completely in love with her voice.

However, the actress can be seen getting very emotional after her friends and family talked about her work and how she is as a person.

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