Bovi, having established his name in Nigerian showbiz, has accumulated great wealth placing him among respected comedians in Nigeria.

Bovi’s love for cars has been made visible to the Nigerian public. This feat has caused him to explore his options with the finest brands of cars. Let’s check out some of the most expensive cars owned by Bovi. It won’t be surprising if he had a car for whatever mood he’s in. Let’s explore!!

1. G- Wagon G55

A ‘cruise catching’ Bovi would just ride in his G- Wagon for fun. Honk at him and get honked at too.

2. Ford Limited

Not a Ford Flex, but he definitely trusts his Ford limited to do the trick when he wants to flex.

3. Toyota Prado

If he’s feeling all serious and formal, let’s trust his Toyota Prado to be the best match.

4. Hyundai Sonata

A happy Bovi would just use his Hyundai Sonata.

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