The president  of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza was announced dead by the Burundi government. It was reported he died at Karusi hospital in Burundi.

The government of Burundi announced his death in the  early hours of Tuesday June 9, at the karusi hospital having suffered of a heart attack as efforts made to revive him proved abortive. It is believed he has suffered of a related issue for some time, although it was been managed before his demise.

The announcement was made available through a twitter account of the Burundi government stating he died of a cardiac arrest on June 8. It was signed by the secretary to the government of Burundi. He died at age 55 after being in power for good 15 years of three terms.

The government also stated he will be mourned for a period of seven days as been declared a national day of mourning for all citizens of Burundi.

He is also said to be due to step down from the presidency before his demise as he has held power for 15 years from August 26th 2005 to June 8, 2020 as he was preceded by Dominetin Ndaiyzeye. This is his third term as the president of Burundi, which he promised not to contest for a fourth term before his death. His favored candidate has been reported to have won the may election before the effects of the corona virus disease.

Pascal Nyabenda has been appointed to act in his capacity. Pascal Nyabenda  is the president of Burundi national assembly and previously the president of CNDD-FDD parliamentary group. He also served as the former governor of Bubanza province. According to the constitution of Burundi, he is the next in line to assume the presidency following the death of the former president, Pierre Nkurunziza.

Pierre Nkurunziza is survived by his wife, Denise Bucumi and 6 children, He married Bucumi in 1994. Denise Bucumi is said to have been flow to Nairobi, capital of Kenya early last week to be treated for Covid 19 as it is reported that she  tested positive to Corona virus disease.

 Pierre Nkurunziza is a  graduate of physical education from the institute of physical education in the  University of Burundi, which he graduated with a degree in physical education.  He started out a career in physical education before the outbreak of the Burundian civil war. He was a coach in the  football team  in the first division of the country sporting affairs.

It is believed that president Pierre is one of the founding figures of the National council for the defense of democracy-Forces for the defense of democracy which he later became a president promising not to run for a fourth tenure in the almost concluded 2020 national elections.

Pierre Nkurunziza, 55 was born on December 18,1964 in Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi. He is from the Hutu ethnic group and he is catholic by religion.

The date for his burial has not been fixed yet. May his soul rest in peace.


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