Islamic cleric, Hammed Ademola, has sent a warning to Bobrisky to change as his time of departing from the earth is due.

In a viral video, he explained that the popular Nigerian crossdresser is used by the devil and all his riches are devilish.

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He made mention that, Bobrisky has three years left on this earth hence, he should change his ways for God’s guidance.

Adding to his revelation is that, all his friends closer to him, would soon have problems in their lives, which is a consequence of befriending an evil.

His startling disclosure has raised questions on how Bobrisky would change since he is now enjoying the privileges of a woman.

The imam of Paris as he is known indicated that Bobrisky would soon have regrets for going under a knife to be transformed from a man to a woman.

Recall that she recently issued a warning to all crossdressers to not think of taking her thrown because she is the queen of crossdressers.

Watch the video below:

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