After the forceful rape and murder of The University of Benin student who is a fresh student, Miss Uwalia Vera Omozuwa. The young lady is said to be a resident of Benin City. The 22-year old death has caused an up quiver in the entire country; I will also add that it has opened the concern for rape and rape victims.

The young lady, who was said to usually take the calmness of the church building to read her books, was one day raped and beaten. She died in the hospital as she was in a critical state. It was a painful situation and many Nigerians took it out on social media demanding justices for the young lady.

Thus far, suspects have been apprehended by the Nigeria Police force. One of the suspects was said to have his finger prints match to the fire extinguisher used to assault Miss Vera. The case has been transferred to Abuja for thorough investigation and justices not only for Miss Vera but to serve as a warning to intending rapist.

Justices for Uwa has trended on social media for a while now as different groups such as human right organizations and student bodies has marched with black appearance seeking justices for Uwa.

The Global head of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has added his voice encouraging prayers for the family and bringing the suspects to book.

This clamors has not calmed the situation of rape in Nigeria, each day has a reported case either in the past or the current time. It has become so worrisome that the national assembly is set to enact strict punishments for rape and rapist.

There have been over two hundred cases of rape only this week and over Nine hundred cases in the past one month. It has become a concern as many of our young ladies are afraid of the kind of breed that now pose or act as rapist instead of being the men they were created o be.

The worst case being old men forcing themselves into small of children as young as three months and more. A young was caught in Nasarawa state forcing himself into a ten old year baby. That is the height of it, that is how bad it has become and trust me, It won’t go well with them if they are caught now.

Rape is not gender based. Rape is Rape. So the fight should not be gender based, against the males. It should be against Rape, because it can be for males or females. That is simply to say that the perpetrator of rape could be a man or a woman. Men as also victims as females are also endanger.

Rape is not just bad, It is Evil. Parents should teach their children, male and females to know when it is a ‘No’ and when sex is obtainable.

Nigeria has been in the news of increased rape cases, and I trust the government are seriously helping to curb it. My advice is that we all should learn self control and avoid situations that will cause or promote rape.


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