There’s a new “Karen” in town.

New Jersey officials are calling for an investigation after a woman was caught on video spewing racist comments at a black woman in New Jersey on Monday.

Bayonne resident Tameka Bordeaux says she was on her way to a store when a woman started following her and calling her the “n-word,” videos posted to Facebook by Bordeaux shows.

“Call the cops, n—-r!” the woman yells as she’s walking toward Bordeaux. “Call the cops you black bitch!”

“This is sad,” Bordeaux says behind the camera.

“The racism I had to endure walking to the store,” Bordeaux later wrote in the video captions. “2021 started with a bang.”

In another video, Bordeaux said the incident began when she offered her opinion about where people could go to complain about the mail they didn’t receive.

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight says Bayonne has a history of racist behavior and that the recent incident is intolerable.

“We can no longer sit by and make excuses for residents in any New Jersey town to ever be allowed to call someone the N word,” McKnight said in a statement. “This “Karen” went on a rant for more than 4 minutes repeatedly yelling this word and other discouraging names while following a Black woman.”

The Bayonne Police Department told it’s investigating the incident.

The encounter comes after 14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. was allegedly attacked by California resident Miya Ponsetto, who claimed the teen stole her iPhone at the Arlo Hotel in Soho.

The 22-year-old faces assault and attempted robbery charges. The NYPD has issued a warrant for her arrest.

Credit: NYPOSTNewzandar News


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