Hey! Today I would love to share on Covid 19 experience. Read to the end and drop a comment.

Covid 19 a disease that has eaten deep into our lives, society, financial status.It Left us out of hope searching for numerous solutions but very few answers.

Who would have thought that there would be a total shock to the whole world, a general chaos, a total lockdown and loss of lives and properties?

Covid 19 has shown us that if at all there is a war, we are not ready. I mean, what are the nation’s leaders doing to help citizens, to give us a safe landing? How are we as individuals doing our part to lock ourselves in for our own good?

The Old are very susceptible to this epidemic; most of them have been infected already. Who taught them to stay indoors, wash their hands, cough in their elbow, eat healthy; they suffer mostly because of lack of knowledge.

Places where we based our livelihood has been closed down, schools, market places, churches, mosques, banks and so on.

Students need to keep studying to observe online classes and exams. No one is concerned how you do that. All they know is that you must deliver a job assigned.

Markets have been closed down so many don’t even have what to eat for the next day or even the present day. There is no provision for that because “everyone should be indoors or else”.

Work places have been shutdown, couples who have been away for sometime also with their children, are now compelled to stay at home. Statistics of domestic violence is also increasingly high. These people have never been able to stay home together in peace, now instead of working out things together decide to violate one another.

The Genesis of substance abuse begins because the not-too-physically strong spouse wants to feel energetic enough to fight the other person.                                                                                                                

Churches and Mosques, and other worship centers and public gathering are totally forbidden to seize the spread of the virus and curb adversity of bits effects on the world. Let’s try to do our best as individuals: stay at home, avoid close contacts with sneezing or cough patient, cough into elbow to prevent the spread of droplets on surfaces, observe social distancing, wash hands properly and sanitize regularly. With this we’re sure our world is ‘moderately’ safe, and free from the various effects of this hacker.

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Please comment the effect of this pandemic in your area; Let us know how to help ourselves. Please stay safe.


  1. If we can constantly wash our hands and observe social distancing then we can win COVID19
    Though ignorance has been the case in some places
    Most people don’t believe that the virus exist
    If we can have articles like this as a way of sensitizing people
    Then i believe we would solve most of this problems

  2. It’s very insightful but at this point it’s better to do the best we can as our leaders are not forthcoming.
    Beautiful Article.


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