Patience Ozokwor in her whole life was blessed with only one daughter who goes by the name Chioma Ozokwor.

Photos of her daughter Chioma have popped up online for the very first time. People who have seen photos of this young woman have come to an agreement that this young woman resembles her mother to bits. She is her direct carbon copy, to say the least.

Chioma Ozokwor was blessed with a husband as far back as the year 2010 in the state of Enugu. Their hard work as a couple yielded massive results in their matrimonial life to the point that they are now living comfortably in London, United Kingdom.

The couple has between them, three wonderful kids. She is not a noisemaker, unlike other ladies whose parents who are stars like Patience Ozokwor do. We dug deep in order to get these exclusive photos of her.

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