An American man has caught his wife cheating in their matrimony home few hours after he exited the house.

The man who seems to have notice a snake movement between his wife and his close friend decided to film right from the start of opening the Door till he enters the house.

His prediction was right immediately he saw the wife pants down with his friend right on a cushion.

Torixus sighted the father of one telling the wife to approve a sign divorce which he will soon arrange, because he is done with her.

He was so emotional in his speech as he gently dropped the key of the house on a wood stand and said “Sorry for disturbing” and exited the house.

Many people on seeing the video online said that the woman seems to be the owner of the building and that the husband may not be as rich as the wife and that’s why things went that way. Judging from the way the man handled the situation.

See video here:


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