Dear friend,

It is with an immense love and sincerity of heart that I write you this piece. I’m sorry it is coming after a very long time of seeming abandonment. I understand the pains and peril you pass through each day, yes I do, I know you have tried everything within your powers, but each step seem to have been a plan to fail, and you couldn’t carry on.

My dear, I admit the fact that fate has made spontaneity seem to elude you and now life is patterned and ordered according to decisions made by an external force, a pseudo friend, predetermining all momentary actions. I know how excruciating it is, especially the morning after effects that render the remaining day useless on a regular basis. You’ve probably been fed with different tastes of nectar and now it appears there’s no such thing as quit.

I don’t need a reminder from you to know that the society had pushed you to the extreme, and you now feel all lonely and closed up in a circle that is crushing you and crumbling on you.

You probably ran to family and friends and were rejected, like a patient with a chronic contagious disease. Probably, when you walk down the streets people stare at you from their windows and peep through door holes, muttering words that are indistinct, they warn their children and young adults against you, and now you’re a societal lesson. No meaningful soul wants to identify with you and nobody cares about how you feel.

Maybe, you come home every time to meet an old mother who looks into your eyes with great flashes of distrust, thinking less of your positivism, perhaps you have an old man at home who regularly declares you prodigal, perpetually reminding you of how useless you’ve been and that you could never have been a product of his own very loins. My dear, I understand the mysteries of those nights, those seemingly endless nights you cry for as long as the sky can hold darkness, those pillow wetting sleepless nights. What about those times, when all you could think of is to end it all and have peace of mind.

I’m writing to also let you know that the committee that will make the decision of how and where your life should go is composed of just one person, and that person is you my dear. The decisions of others matters less, the rejection of others only make you depressed. It is understandable that those you trusted to stand by you took off when you needed them most, such is life. There is a common quote that ‘’the stones men throw at you can be gathered and used to build a high mansion where they cannot reach you any longer’’.

You can’t make everyone like you, not even I your friend, I too will never encourage you to continue in this your darkness, neither will I cast you out like an unwanted piece of rag, that is why I had to write this very long piece to you, just to let you my friend know that I am not just here to remind you of your pains and past, I have not come to further your grievances, or tell you what you already know, but I write as a friend, to a friend indeed, I am here to extend both my hands and heart, if only you can raise your head to my smile and recognize that there is light at the end of the seeming dark tunnel.

Be assured you’re not in this alone; we’re a team, formidable and indomitable. You must have been hurt with wounds all over, or perhaps scars you wish to erase, but I want to reassure you that on these scars we can inscribe a tattoo; we can inscribe a message that will inspire both you and the world. Your scars can make you a beautiful soul once again my dear, it can make you a voice for others who just can’t speak out yet.

Henceforth, I will be getting in touch from time to time, please stay safe and calm, always remember there is a purpose why we still live, and that together we can fight this peace thief and the monster within. I love you.


You made me believe that you could cure all kinds of pain,

You told me that every moment with you is a gain.

I had you stuck in my heart head and soul,

You wrapped around me and I let you control my all.

Impossibility was n answer to the day I imagined staying without you.

I didn’t understand what I felt, but I knew I just couldn’t get enough of you,

I started getting so fond of you; you had me convinced that throughout my life you were determined to stay.

I wanted to let go, but I couldn’t because you became my only way.

You gave me an impression that without you I would live bored,

But now I can do the things I couldn’t and no regrets at all.

I realized all along what you told me were lies and I’m proud to say I’m doing so fine even without you.

Am proud to tell you that I am free.

Let me know how you feel now if you’ve been previously addicted at the comment session.


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