I use to have a friend who loved photography and wanted it as a business, but then he doesn’t know how to go about it till he meet me. I took out my time to put him through all the cons and pron of the business. Today he’s doing well as a photographer in Benin, Nigeria.

Trust me photography is a very lucrative business, but if your interest is the money, You may not do well in it. It takes wanting to adding value to be successful in a photography business.

The reason for this above is because, there’s a whole lot of competition in photography business across the nations of the earth. In Nigeria,Almost every street has a photographer either in a small scale such as passport production or big scale of having a studio.

If you don’t master the art to adding value, you will end up getting frustrated and angry at what you believe could give you money. Rather than vent or experience those anger, Choose to add your own value through photography being creative.

Value is what drives any business be it photography or any other. If you’re comfortable with adding value, then you’re good to go about s photography business.

How to get started.

This will start with a question, What is my kind of expectations in this business? Should I go into freelance or studio photography?

This answer will give you a clear path. If you opt for freelance, You may not have much to do except to reach out to clients to patronize you.

If you think studio photography is fine by you, then you will need to join me in this down line.

Studio photography is the common kind of photography around town, It is not usually easy to set because it is capital intensive. Because of the cost of the gadget, many people run away from it and settle for freelance photography. some stay in freelance photography till they raise enough capital to start up studio practice which is believed to pay more.

Some people start a photography business without the skill or knowledge of photography. What thry do is to hire good photographer and Psy them at the end of the month or based on their agreement.

If you’re good in yourself, You may not need to employ any photographer. You may just need to get an assistant or a help. Those who will assist in running administrative work, receptionist or even assist in studio sessions.

However, You can choose to do all of these when starting up, that’s if you think you can’t pay anyone yet at that time. Rather than spend much when you don’t have enough clients, It is better you work alone till you can pay anyone.

When you have your gadgets, get a well cited business area and rent an office apartment or space, furnish to your taste. Get your gadgets and fix at where needed and you’re good to go.

You will majorly need a good camera,at least two soft box for a start(I recommended Godox products), a speed light, background light, backgrounds, a silver line reflector amongst others depending on your expertise.

Your value quality and managing of clients will determine if they would return next time or not, so you may have to diligently work on these.

With this, starting up a photography is highly obtainable. I implore to take advantage of these points and unleash your potentials for profit making and excellence.


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