Make up or facial impression business is one of the fastest growing business in Nigeria, for those who are professionally grounded in the art or skill.

It usually take a little to start up if you know your way about. In this publication I am going to show you how to possibly start a make up business in a low scale, or with the little capital you can afford.

You don’t need all the money in the world to start up, you simply need to master the skill first and be grounded into the processes. Trust me that’s enough to kick off, something you will also need beyond that to start up. Though, in most cases location counts much but it wouldn’t be an issue if they’re majorly young people in your environment.

Now, Here are the 4 ways to start up a make up business. Follow me through.

1.Acquire make up skills
The first to consider about joining any trade is to have a knowledge of what is required of any trade or career path. A make up artist must be well grounded with the prerequisite knowledge on how to make up a client.

He or she must know what is obtainable as regarding his field. He must know the prons and constantly of his vacation.

This skill is learnt or developed. There are many teaching aids that one can learn make up such as YouTube(A self teaching aid) but then it becomes important that one to one engagement or learning is ideal for effectiveness. How’s this? It implies that you will have to learn from a professional who is can teach you. Someone who has many years experience will do justice to your learning and will help you learn fast.

Acquiring this skill takes patience, maybe a period of 3 to 6 months. You will encounter many problems, and time will fetch you how it should be solved.

2.Raise some capital to buy your make up kit.

After your exposure to the skills in make up, the next thing is to think of start up yours which will be most important that you have your work gadgets as it will he Whst you will solely depend on for your delivery.

This kit is sold in the market and it could be cheaper on online stores. You will have to make a good enquiry to be able to get the best blends.

With a little capital, you can pick the most essential ones and buy others as time goes on.

Your choice of a location to start up is very pivotal as you wouldn’t need a wrong placement. You will need to site your office at areas that have most young ladies as they the ones who will patronize you well.

4.Create an online presence

Creating an online presence tops business strategy in this days. You will need a good online presence to sell the value you are creating. Social Media platforms will do a nice work too if it is well followed and committed. Making videos and uploading on YouTube could guarantee your clients of your expertise and how good you are.

Peopl also sell more of the values via online stores. They upload what they do and people who love their value request for their service,From their their brand grow and become popular.

With this approach, you are set to set a record for you and your brand. You can start already with that little capital of yours.

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