Most times in countries of the world, products and services are made available for satisfaction or utility. The issues rises that these products don’t get to who needs it. It has become an issue that need to be offered solution to.

In this publication today, I will teach you how to market your products or services to the people who needs it most. Follow me as I unveil this mystery to you.

More so, the practice of marketing cannot occur without the avaliabity of product for the market. Products plays an important role in stimulating market activities. In fact, it determines what the market surface is, the price, promotion and place.

Products can take many variety of forms which include physical object, a service, a place, an organization, an idea, or a personality. Most importantly the ability of the product to satisfy consumers is even more important than the most expensive advertising campaign.

Therefore, it is very important that you create products that satisfy your users so marketing it to others will be much easier. In fact, when the product is right for the market, less expenditure on promotion maybe necessary. A successful products provides it’s own promotion.

As already identified, a product takes a variety of forms which includes services. Services are products that have the ability to satisfy the needs and wants of the consumers. Most times services are in form of intangible goods, that is to say they have no physical attributes and as a result, they are impossible for consumers to feel, taste, see, smell before buying.

Where a physical product consist of goods which the consumers can feel, see and taste.

A good example of services includes repairs of machines, legal services and hair saloons, amongst others.

While a good example of products includes cars, books, chairs, shoes, television sets, and others.

The entrepreneur must therefore give a very serious attention to these two, products and services as important elements of marketing since they constitute the heart of marketing and the nerve center of all marketing and other business activities. This implies that the product and service offered to the market must command quality in such a way that customers can maximize satisfaction and guarantee the continuous existence of the company’s product in the market place in the face of ever threatening competition.

Having said all these, How do you market your products to reach who needs it so as to make your production going. This is mad possible with the chain of distribution, and they include thus,

1.Producers: These are business and non business organizations which purchase goods and services to carry out their extractive manufacturing, assembly and constructive activities. Thus, they maybe farmers buying fertilizers, miners buying lubricant and drilling equipment, manufacturers of sap buying palm oil, builders buying cement or iron rods, just to mention but a few. With your coming in contact with these set of producers and more, Your products will certainly sell. Once they appreciate the quality of your products, it is easier to market your products or services to them.

2.Market intermediaries or middlemen: These are wholesalers and retailers who buy goods and services not for personal consumption but for resale. These are sometimes referred as resellers. When you get your products to these ones with a prospect to them making a profit from it, You’re certain of their patronage. But you must be able to offer something that may not reject. With this you keep your production rolling.

3.Government: this includes federal, state and local government and extra-ministerial departments which buy goods and services to further their operation rather than for individual personal consumption. A supplies of your product to this chain can keep your products in relevance, therefore making you keep production in good pace.

With this in place, Your products and services can go far beyond your imaginations. Let me you have any question on the comment box.


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