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Be known for one thing, and be known to continue a course you’re known for. The easiest way to fade in is to do many things at a time and not known to have continued any of them. One person is a keyboardist, graphic designer, photographer and tailor. Haba!

‘Huncle, After you na you o! ‘

It doesn’t work like that, Consistency is what breeds excellence and it pays much better. When you’re good at all thing and not perfect or know for at least a thing, You haven’t made much progress because your value addition will not be effective. Growth in measured on your contributions in your niche, only your consistency in your niche can guarantee this level of growth. Be mindful.

Choose one area of value and be consistent with it. The competition in the marketplace will some times discourage you especially if you’re still starting or you are new in that line… It may look like you’re not making progress at all. You may even be burnt out or frustrated in the beginning days.

Hey! You!

Yes You!

Don’t be discouraged… Better is the end of a thing than the beginning. Don’t quit! Stay! There’s power in staying… Don’t just stay, engage also! Most people don’t do what others who are staying or waiting do, which is to create more value. They only wait till all things are all right, which bring limitation in growth. It is  everyone’s desire to succeed but only but a few pay the price to get there, the price represent your trading capital. Your trading capital is what bring you to the top.

It may look like those who you’re looking for their attention is not watching, Don’t be deceived, they are watching… But they want to know how serious you’re before they come forward to support or patronize what value you intend giving out. It is those who stand last that carries the trophy. Just be consistent doing what you’re good at doing or what you intend doing in this season of your life.

In your business,  Career and other areas of your life… Be consistently pursuing what’s really obtainable and desirable. It is what pays at the course of time. The top is for those who diligently work their way into becoming what they have desire. No athlete won the Olympics by chance. It is a function of hard work and consistency.

The first time you hit a tree while cutting it, it will certainly not fall. Continuous action of hitting the tree on the same spot will fall the tree. Your first trial may not pay as you expected and hoped for, Don’t relent on your blueprint and plans. Maybe you may have to change your approach and try again. Who knows this time may simply be for you. Winners don’t quit, they choose a path and became consistent with it. Check the record of great people, they had scars but one common thing about them is that they choose to be consistent with what they believe is their calling.

Through it all, without doubting consistently follow up what your wrote on your diary moments ago, Don’t give up so easily on those dreams and vision. They may be your survival platforms or much more create platforms for others to grow. I see you navigating your path in great success.

 Is this clear??

Be brave with your life! See you at the top, It is too crowded at the bottom.

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  1. Those who u are looking for their attention is not watching, don’t be deceived,they are watching.but they want to no how serious u are before they can support really blessed with this word.always bring out ur best in what ever u do..thank u sir for this nugget

  2. Discouragement has been a major challenge when you feel it can work again, but thanks for this we keep fighting till the end

      • Hmmmm… makes sense. Consistency is important for growth.
        management and life it self has shown us that sometimes risks have to be diversified. Maybe some us are just doing that to reduce our losses… we are just branching out to reach the same cause. Can this not be seen as an approach?

  3. ‘Growth in measured on your contributions in your niche, only your consistency in your niche can guarantee this level of growth. Be mindful.’
    This preaches the whole sermon.


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