Hey friends! I will continue with the series on parenting and discipline.

In speaking to your kids, make sure you say what you can do, and do what you say, don’t Change in seconds to please any of them. These kids are God’s gift handed over to you and they could be very smart most of the time, God gave them to you to take care of them. You will notice that they aren’t your possession when they grow and decide to live their own lives.

Therefore you must be deliberate on how you raise them up. This not as simple as it seems, in this sense, the first place discipline comes in is first in you as a parent, the children could possibly learn from you as a virtue. If you don’t model it, Trust me you’ll truly struggle to make your kids live it out. In as much as it seems so easy, care must be taken so it doesn’t make you look overly strict. Most parents in a bit to look disciplined, they become overly strict that their kids can’t approach them to relate real time issues that they’re going through.

Most parents say their house keeper taught their kids this and that and my question is ‘Why do you tell your workers to do A in your kids’ absence then turn around and tell your kids B in your workers absence? Does it add up or correlate?

Well, as it relates to your house keeper if you have,

Who is fooling who? Avoid discussing your workers in the presence of your kids, also avoid shouting and scolding them in their presence too. In my next post, I will strongly analyze the effects of all of this on your kids. And sometimes, to effectively avoid bad influence on your kids, housekeepers and maids may not be overly necessary. In this case, most families who have housekeepers end up raising kids who are not just undisciplined but also lazy.

 If you want your kids to grow fearless and bold teach them how to be very disciplined. Set rules and not break it. Sometimes, breaking rules attract some level of punishments. This will help them grow into the design the society will be proud of. Using of canes and others most times only instill fear, when that is done, they could go back to the same kind of life. Love is essential for disciplining children.

 Train up a child in the way he should go, that when he is old he will never depart from it.

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