Hey guys..let’s talk about this today. Schedule some time on this today. This God thing sha?

Growing up in this our generation sha get as e be. We have too many voices speaking to us, sometimes you get confused to the extent you’ll think you might actually go insane. We’ve got social media, our parents, friends, religion, etc to consider most times.

One thing remains, in as much as you ‘gats dey’ loyal to your guys, you don’t want to dishonour your parents, you don’t want to look like you just popped out of the 18th century movie, etc,. stay true to your self. Being seen as the prude or holier than thou sometimes hurt. Some would even be like, “guy chill this your ‘spiri spiri’ small nah, we are all Christians here, you nor follow kill Jesus”. Lols…. at that point you might even think within yourself like; “shey my own is not too much fa?” . As long as you are sure you are doing the right thing (God style), don’t let the pressure coming from all sides weigh you down. Keep growing to be a better you not to be like someone else.

Experience has taught me that, if you stay true to yourself those who once mocked or pressured you to change would be the ones to applaud you. E be nor easy at all o, but if you know who you stand with… grace would always be available. Now I live each day hoping that I’ll get to that point wherein every step I take is as a function of the Holy spirit. The idea is to get to the top, that point where I get to answer to no one but God. Friends and peers must be properly chosen to avoid unnecessary pressure of living a life you never intended for you. Sometimes their pressure can be overbearing.

Trust me that’s the situation of many where they’ve got to get men’s approval or stay in the lane of God. Which ever way it seems for you, Know what is obtainable and best for you in such situations. In view to this, it is necessary not allow situation and peer pressure you into doing any stuff that will get back at you in the time to come. Wisdom they say is profitable to direct. I say again, Do what’s right and obtainable for you. Here now,

What keeps you going?

Men’s approval,


God’s word?

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  1. God’s approval remains the best even if the whole world disapproves it. But how do you even know when God approves when you are not familiar with that God? Relationship with God matter to discern what he approves or not.

  2. Many of our parents,unmarried and youths are into their troubles today cause of peer pressure,both IN our residence and outside… It is unique and fashionable to do what people find difficult to do inorder to belong .


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