To my young people,

Build contents and less packaging.

It’s pivotal to lasting in relevance.

Be careful enough you do your own thing as regarding your call in your own originality…Copy and pasting patterns won’t help you. When God Gives you a vision, he accompanies it with a pattern. Don’t let other people landslide rush you, It’s a gradual process. You don’t know how far his days of pains were like. You’re just starting and you’re already envying him. When you see great men and result, look at their scar and not their wealth and results. Their scar is the secret  of their results. Any man who does not have scars is not equaled to sustained relevance, that is to say he won’t last in relevance. Reasons because he won’t understand the needful sacrifice that is needed to keep that success. So his tendencies are in this manner, Irresponsibility and wayward life  sets in completely

Just imagine a young man whose parents gave him all he need, When he sees others the way they are, He wouldn’t understand how it is that way for them because it was not difficult for him. You would not compare yourself with others who have nothing to loose or no bills to pay. You’ve got to be responsible in yourself, I must tell you. Great men are built on the strength of sacrifice and understanding. Don’t carry yourself outside your making instead you will only be packaging when you’re supposed to build content. This is dangerous for the young people, I will wish a lot of understanding springs into you after reading this.

It is painful to see a lot of young people doing things because it is obtainable for some others. It doesn’t work that way. You must be willing to effectively engage the process that births great uprising. This will enable you understand building contents and not necessarily packaging out your life to engineer  or attract clients. In view to this, the secret to having a great brand comes from sacrifice born out of responsibility and diligence.

Stop faking things… If you don’t have, Be you. One day God will enable you. Stop faking things so people think you’re progressing. When you have not gotten to that level, Calm down. Very soon you will be there. Don’t go and buy stuffs you don’t need because you want to impress people… ‘Na you go suffer am.’

Maybe I should add this, If someone wants to help indigent people and you’ve already posed as someone who has much….Do you really think this individual will love to help you? Hell NO..He wouldn’t. This so you see what packaging can do in a life of a young people. The people you’re looking at are just being themselves and you’re at the other side, Pretending to be obviously who you are not. I will suggest You just be you….Being a shadow of someone else wouldn’t help you.

Conclusively, Nobody pays you for too much  packaging without good content. Be good at whatever thing you do, Here in is where reward stems from. Take time to build contents, Original one at that. It pays nothing to this. Am simply pouring out my heart in this because I love you, I wouldn’t want you to visit my blog and be the same. Take time and build capacity, enough capacity so you can effective and relevant in the time to come. I hope this instruction is well taken??

Be brave with your life. Am glad you’ve chosen  a path to be responsible.

Be guided. I see you at the top.

Let me know how this blessed you on the comment box.



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