This dependency mentality. This mentality teaches you to believe that someone really owes you. Your parents, Government and friends. In the real world… It’s not available ,Will I say it doesn’t truly exist.

Nobody truly owes you anything!
Rather you owe yourself, Diligence. How about this??

You owe yourself all that it is to be outstanding and successful. You owe yourself to put to work all that’s your expectations.

The only hand that rules is a diligent hand, and he stands before kings and not ordinary people.

Work o! So you don’t have to explain to your children why you are the way you’re. Overly people in this instance have a way of having to cover themselves up….which would not be of any help to the individual.

There’s a system placed by God that rewards work. God’s not a magician to send help when you have not really worked or created a pathway to be helped. A usual saying that ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’ this is overly true.

The top is meant only for the deliberately diligent ones. In 2020,Be busy with work. It will greatly pay you. Don’t let people who believe otherwise lead you out, if not your outcome in the course of time will be highly disgracing. Be guided!

In your business, spiritual life, relationships and other commitments.. Be diligent! Add to your wisdom, Work!

Your place is the top,It’s too crowded at the bottom.

I see you winning!

let me know how this publication blessed you on the comment box.


  1. Exactly diligence matter in life even in our Christain life.
    Don’t make excuses over situation take up responsibilities and fight those challenges with diligence.
    Am blessed

  2. Lols… truly no one owes you anything. If at all, you alone owe yourself your sucess in life. Diligence is a key element to succeeding. Nice one.

  3. Dependency have really dealt with our youths, my teacher always say “you are responsible for yourself”
    How I hate this act of depending on someone or something…
    It causes emotional,physical,mental,spiritual bankrupt, you can’t even fulfill your purpose of existence…
    Dependency so disgust me!

  4. Be the you you would be proud of at anytime. Work on yourself, devote intentional time to growing your self. Invest in yourself and most of all be diligent in all you do.


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