Hi guys i will be discussing about How to become relevant in your the market place. Ensure to read to the end.

I have watched young people make mistakes in bid to either make their parents happy or becoming relevant, maybe to be reverenced too.

Many go as far as studying courses that can guarantee their future… Courses like medicine, Petroleum engineering,Just to mention but a few.Others say it’s passion and desire that led them. So they choose pathways that suits their personalities, and interest.

In any of these, the end goal is to survive and make more money, even those who choose pathways effectively.

In the current time,money drive most decision of career paths… Gone are the days when people studied courses because they wanted to add value, welcome to the days where most people are in a certain career path because of what money it gives.

These keeps me thinking most times especially when people ask me value or money first?

Well, I don’t know how we got here.. Sincerely speaking, am not expecting to hear questions like this above .. Because it’s just like asking, if you should count 10 before 2.

In the market place today, what speak volumes is how much money you can pack than how much value you have added.

Everyone goes into production not necessarily to add any value but in a bit to make money. Their first thought we the idea came is how much money do I make if I do this??

When you choose to add value, Money will naturally come. No controversy about this…. It’s an established reality.

The question shouldn’t always be how much money but how much value.

I wish our young people understand their place in the 21st century, that’s the only way value could be more efficient…. Let’s kill this quest to make money “sharp sharp” that’s what leads to issues like avariciousness hence Corrupt leaders tomorrow.

Here now, these are the ways to stay top in your niche:

-Learn to choose career paths rightly, with correct motives and intents.

-Understand your place in the 21st century Market,It is needful if you want your value to be felt and appreciated.

-Learn the kind of value should add. Your value should be within your niche so you could sustain relevance in your market community.

-Stay top at The marketplace.Your ability to navigate the paths above gives you an advantage to staying top in your marketplace.

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  1. Being a problem solver, makes you of great relevance to the market place. Thanks Dear for this article again I was at the seminar held as regards this topic and it was great being there


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