Its really rare to see a comedian advancing themselves in education. Some of the comedians in the country are just Senior Secondary School levers while few have advanced in the tertiary level with no plans of furthering more.

The Amazing Nigerian Comedian Helen Paul is one of the comedians in Nigeria who has advanced herself and is well educated. Helen Paul is reportedly set to become a professor in the United States of America. Aside from becoming a professor, Helen Paul has also bagged PhD in theatre Art’s from the University of Lagos.

Helen Paul’s new career of becoming a professor in the states was revealed publicly not too long ago.
The news said:

“Yes, Helen Paul has been shuttling between Nigerian and the US for some months now. While studying to become a Professor, she is also working as a lecturer in one of the institutions in the US.

She is really an inspiration to this generation and future coming because combining these academic feats with her comedy career in Nigeria is no child’s play.



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