The governor of Cross River state, Prof. Ben Ayade in a video announced the mass production of face mask and nose mask in the Cross River garment factory, the state owned garment industry believed to be the biggest in the south-south region of Nigeria.

He further said that the mass production will be made hundred percent free for health workers within the state, He also mentioned giving the materials to school children so they could resume school instead of staying at home.

Prof. Ayade said if school children as asked to stay at home that there will be much increase in crime, restiveness amongst other social vices. He further stress to have seen school children in China who wears the face mask and other materials just to be in school, and that it could be made possible in the state and Nigeria at large.

He called on the Federal government to further support this initiative in producing more of the materials for Nigerians. He opined that the president will be happy about the recent development in the state.

The governor announces school resumption to be on the June 16 as there has been preparation towards making the date possible following Nigeria centre for Disease control modalities and protocols like washing of hands, use of face mask and hand sanitizers.

Cross River state has been in the news for a long time because it is the only state that has not recorded any Covid 19 case in Nigeria. The Nigeria centre for Disease control has visited the state to ascertain if this is true and it was verified Covid 19 by the presidential task force and the Nigeria centre for Disease control team. The governor has made efforts to maintain the status of the state.

Governor Bala Mohamed alleges cases of Corona virus in Calabar.

Meanwhile the Governor of Bauchi, Governor Bala Mohamed state has stated that the new recorded 16 cases in the state where from Cross State, Calabar precisely. He alleged the infected people from Cross River state and so a big possibility that there are hidden cases of Covid 19 in Cross River state.

He indirectly advised the Governor of Cross River state to stop play around with the life of people as he believes that corona virus is real.

As at the time of filling this report no response has been heard from the Governor of Cross River state or any of his media aide, It is still believed they are still studying the case before they release an official memo as regarding Bauchi Governor’s claims.

Nigerians Reacts

Early Thursday morning many Nigerians took their social media handle to attack Governor Bala of Bauchi state over his statement. Those where believe to be those supporting the re-opening of schools by the state government.

A few individuals also supported claims that the Cross River state governor has been lying to Nigerians about the current status of state as regarding corona virus spread. They believe the governor has some hidden attentions about declaring the state free of Covid 19 where it has cases underneath.


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