The burial of Zimbabwean genius Ginimbi and social media socialite, has been the talk of the town due to the lavish befitting burial that was given to him.

It’s amazing the kind of clothes and expensive Versace casket that was specially made for his burial.

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There have been different allegations and occultic claims regarding his death as some people believe to be true, due to some videos and messages released after his demise.

Due to how his activities and some statements he made whilst he was alive went in line with his demise, he has been considered an Illuminati.

Genius Ginimbi is known for his lavish lifestyle and how he flaunts his wealth on social media.

He has different mansions, expensive cars, and many businesses which has increased his power to become unruly.

His friends who came all the way from other countries, to pay their last respect, cleared the air about him being part of an occult.

According to them, he never joined any occult but had his riches through his own hard work, hence any information about him planning his own death and trading his soul for money, should be trashed.

Recall that, he died whilst driving his Rolls Royce Wraith when returning from a birthday party with Mimie Moana, Elisha, and Alichia Adams.

All the three people together with Ginimbi could not survive due to the explosion that occurred, burning them to ashes.

Watch the video and images below:

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