What do you do with broken chains? What do you do with freedom?

In ancient times chains (fetters) were used to physically incarcerate criminals or those who fell victim to powerful and ignoble men who take succor in people’s agony. The victims of this vileness all crave for a breaking out, a breakthrough. They crave for ‘freedom’ in its wholeness.

Many crave for same or have had reasons to at some point in their life. Howbeit they never asked themselves; what do we do with the broken chains? What do we do with freedom?

            In the 2014 sequel of ‘The Legend of Hercules’ KellanLutz (Hercules) was bound with chains by his step-father to pillars and severely tortured. In his torment, he pleaded his father Zeus (the god of the sky, lightning and thunder) to empower him to break free. He did break free but never left is chains at the freedom ground; he weaponized it, killing all his torturers, most who were merely soldiers on duty under the command of his step father.  In his case freedom was for retaliation in a commensurate manner or even more.

What do you do with the broken chains?

Captivity sometimes has its way of preying on you; it gradually picks you apart, recalibrating your psych so much that the ingrown bitterness and pain doesn’t make freedom of any meaning any more. The pains reach a crescendo and break the ambience that resides within.

However, your chains are broken but you can’t let go of it, it becomes of weapon, it becomes your whip. This time, it’s guised as something you need for protection and relieve. A whip you feel you need to pour out your pains and bitterness by whipping anything that has the appearance of what took your freedom. You whip whatever draws close to give anything other than the pain you know. I understand your captor came the same way bearing pleasantries which but melted away at the point of his beasty emergence. I really do understand your quest to mend your broken inner peace, but no, you can’t whip pains away.

You need to take a breather and look again. Who have you been whipping with the pains of an abusive childhood, molestation, rape, domestic violence, etc                                                                                                                                      You may want to make yourself believe otherwise, but don’t, I know how it feels to be abused without any help at hand. I’ve seen pain, I have felt pain, and I know pain.

You might have broken free from all that bind you but isn’t ‘free indeed’ when you keep using your freedom to hurt rather than heal.

Refrain from whipping with those chains; put them down at the point of freedom, they were broken to be thrown away not carried as a weapon. You may have left that abusive person but carrying the pains, anger and every negativity they left with you is tantamount to going back to the house of bondage.

With every whip, you reopen every wound inflicted.

With every whip, more of you go to oblivion.

With every whip, you take a step closer to vileness

With every whip, you become every negativity inflicted on you.

With every whip, your humanity takes a bow.

Now is the time, be free and actually ‘free indeed’. Drop the broken chain, walk gradually to true freedom. You are better than what your pains minister to you. Whipping and inflicting similar pain(s) on loved ones won’t make you feel any better; it brings you back to the very spot you left.

Drop the broken chains,

Drop the pains,

Be free indeed.

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  1. This is just exceptional. Life only gets better when we decide that people won’t suffer from us what we suffered from others. This is a blessing.

    More grace to the writer…


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