A fisherman reeled in a decomposed body from a Brooklyn pier Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The corpse was found floating around Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn shortly before 4 p.m. after the fisherman called 911, police said .

The body was too decomposed to determine the identity.

Fisherman Edmond Stringa, of Queens, recalled to The Post he went to the pier to fish on Monday, but lost his hook when it got caught on something large.

Stringa, 69, returned the next day with a stronger line and bigger hook only to reel in the decomposed body.

“It was really heavy. When I pulled it out a little bit, I saw the shoes, the pants,” he told The Post. “I thought it was something suspicious. I knew it wasn’t a fish.”

Police are still investigating, and the medical examiner’s officer will determine the cause of death.

Credit: NYPOSTNewzandar News


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