Browny Igboegwu, a popular Nigerian actor, has caused a massive stir on social media with his message to fans about helping people while he puts his cuteness on display.

In a post sighted on his Instagram page, he shared a photo of himself in a lined blue and white-colored shirt with a smile on his face.

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He left his fans wondering what could have been the problem after he captioned his photo with a cautious message.

In his message, he advised his fans to not make the mistake of loving someone who would only come to you when they are in need of something.

According to him, this world is full of wicked people who only return good with evil.

He explained that such people do apologize for their deeds when they go wrong and do their worse the following day.

The talented actor gave out a warning that someone whose name was not mentioned should watch out as he would expose the person for the world to know who he or she is.

This clearly shows that somebody has hurt him from which he has learned a lesson to advise his followers.

we are following closely and we would update you when any information regarding this matter drops.

His caption reads:

“Don’t ever waste your time loving people who only turn to you in difficult times. We live in a wicked world where people pay you back with evil for your good and large heart. They apologize today and do the worst tomorrow. Very soon am going to call you out so the whole world will know you and beware of you. No wonder people don’t help people these days.”

See his post below:

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