Alh Sufianu Kazeem Ayinde

The Barrister to Alh Sufinu Kazeem Ayide, S.T.A Raji on Monday Threatens to sue Newzandar News, also demanding for the sum of 10 billion Naira as “damages for defamation” and have provided no evidence that the story is false and inaccurate.

Newzandar News also included the photographs of Alhaji Sukazeem and his daughter, Barrister Bukola lgbalajobi, who allegedly conspired with her father to prepare a land sale agreement knowing that same was forged and without any color of legality and furnished consideration.

Barrister Bukola lgbalajobi

From Barrister Bukola lgbalajobi to Alh Sufinu Kazeem Ayide, S.T.A Raji in law would need to controvert the claims that the land-sale was forged and that he paid the alleged sum of Seven hundred and thirty three million, six hundred thousand naira to establish a case of defamation.

Man used by Sufianu Ayinde Kazeem to forge the signature of the head of the family.

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Newzandar News report included signatures of late Lateef Adepoju, who died in 2013 and was forged in 2018 while the transfer instrument was backdated to 2014 with alleged fake stamp duty without any proof of payment for the land and for the stamp duty.

The allegers would be in court tomorrow to swear to court affidavit to confirm the criminal allegations, which shall be published forthwith.

And we expect Alhaji Sukazeem Ayinde Kazeem to come up with clearance letter from the police or EFCC , who are currently investigating his alleged fraudulent conduct before asking Newzander editor to tender any apology or pay damages, since you can not put something on nothing.

Alhaji Sukazeem and his lawyer are embarking on a venture of litmus test as per their integrity and reputation and the world is watching.

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Source: Newzandar News

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