Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes  62, Who was born June 9, 1957 celebrates his sixty-second birthday. The American pastor and filmmaker is popular amongst Christian faithful and beyond.  Thomas Dexter Jakes is the Bishop of an American based church in Dallas, Texas called the Potters House Church, a non-denominational mega church.

He was wildly celebrated by Christian folks around the world. His legacy and depths of impacts has spanned through years as there are countless testimonies and words to put forth as regarding how he has been a blessing.

The Nigerian blood preacher in 2005 once led the president of America, George bush to visit areas hit by a sudden Hurricane Katrina, George bush also wrote about him in one of his books in the year later.

He has also been reported he also had a link with president Barrack Obama at one time.

 His influence span through countries and world leaders as he has won quite a number of awards both locally and internationally on his films, books and music album.

He was written a number of books which includes:  He-Motions: Even Strong Men Struggle, Naked And Not Ashamed?, Maximize the Moment : God’s Action Plan for Your Life, Help! I’m Raising My Children Alone: A Guide for Single Ladies and Those Who Sometimes Feel They Are amongst other amazing books published by Bishop TD Jakes.

Bishop TD Jakes is such a blessing and many people took to their social media page to celebrates amongst those are The metropolitan Pastor of House on the Rock church in Lagos who thanked him for his numerous efforts to being not just a father but a generational blessing. His wife, Pastor Ifeanyi Adefrasin also took her Facebook page to celebrate the gospel legend who she also described as a blessing. Bishop TD Jakes has been to the Metropolitan church on many occasions of the church meetings.

Some social media use took out time to share a picture of him, celebrating him with beautiful words of how his teachings has blessed them.

One of such persons on Facebook, Mr Frank Precious Wrote “TD JAKE’s words took me from a point of my life to a point of destiny, where God has designed for me. I owe you my life completely for the depth of knowledge you have impacted into me, I hope to meet you in person soonest, best regards sir and most importantly happy birthday’’

Another person, Awurum Mathew shared on his Twitter a micro blogging platform. Awurum Mathew shared a picture of both of them together pointing out how that day was the first of meeting with Bishop TD Jakes and how he gave him access beyond his thought. In his words ‘This is me and Bishop TD Jakes, I could not believe to have this access so easily, but look at me it came so quickly beyond words and expectations. I love Bishop TD Jakes with my life and I honor everything he represents in the body of Christ, am glad our paths crossed and it has been for me thus far. Happy birthday sir’’

Happy birthday to the world’s Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes.


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