BBNaija star, Leo DaSilva, has divulged reasons why men do not exaggerate and get more excited about their birthdays than women.

He disclosed this in his response to a question asked by a social media user.

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The user identified as “I am the king’s daughter” quizzed why men do not get excited over their birthday.

The controversial BBNaija star indicated that it’s because there is more pressure in being a provider than being someone who is always being provided for.

Men are always considered the head of a family as they always provide for women.

Though some women do more than the men spend, they are always considered above women because of their gender.

Their position does not guarantee them the chance to be more excited about somethings as compared to women.

Men are the providers while women are seen as spenders whom providers provide for.

Leo Dasilva seems to have a problem with women in general as all his controversies are in line with the doing of women.

He has not yet disclosed what could have led to his mistrust of women.

However, all his actions are clear indications of being hurt by a loved one.

See the screenshot below:

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