Popular OAP, Daddy Freeze, has made a bold statement about Christians who celebrate Christmas.

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In his submission, he insinuated that Christmas has nothing to do with Christianity and therefore Christians don’t need to celebrate the occasion.

Daddy Freeze

According to him, Christmas is a pagan festival that was brought by Europeans yet, people celebrate that and rather say their own indigenous egungun festival, new yam festival and Osun festival are rather pagan and demonic.

He added that anyone who celebrates the “romanized, Europeanized and pagan festival called Christmas” is not a Christian, but a ‘slave.’

Daddy Freeze

He made this assertion via an Instagram post, which received some mixed reactions from fans. Whiles many people seemed to agree with him, others also argued it out.

The media personality is known to be controversial and has had arguments even with pastors on many religious beliefs. His attack on Christmas is therefore not coming as a surprise.

See his post below:

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