Ashley Nwoso was unarguably one of the best Nollywood actors with his adaptable screen roles and top acting skills.

The veteran Nollywood actor died in April 2011, after battling with liver complications at age 58. His 5 adorable children he left behind have now grown into full-blown adults.

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Sharon Nwoso, who is the daughter of the late Ashley Nwoso, has taken to social media and talked about some of her memories of her father and what his death meant to her at that time.

Sharing her fondest memory of her dad to her fans, she wrote;

My dad died when I was 15. I left Nigeria when I was 10 and that was the last time I saw him. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend his funeral due to my exams. My mum didn’t want me to come back home. To be honest, for like the first 6 months, I was in serious denial. I did not believe he was dead. I was such a daddy’s girl and was so close to him. For some weird reason, I always told myself “oh my dad is in Nigeria, when I go on a holiday, he is going to be there so he is not dead”. This helped me and I was able to cope and manage the whole situation. Until one day, I went to the corner store and something just told me, “you are never going to see him again

See her current photo below;

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