A Nigerian father known as The Shy Guy on Twitter said that his child wrote a note for him and his mother to knock before entering his room.

The man posted on Twitter that his wife sent him a photo of the note their son left for them on his bedroom door. The little boy told his parents to ‘please knock before coming in’.

Explaining the reason behind the note, the eight-year-old said that his mother often barged into his room without bothering to find out if he was busy or not.

The father then wondered what an eight-year-old boy could be busy doing that he didn’t want his parents to know about.

The Shy Guy wrote:

“So my wife snapped this and sent to me. My boy wrote it and pasted it on the door to his room. He claims that his “mom would just barge into his room without knocking, what if he’s busy?” Guys, pls what would an 8 year old boy be doing that his mom shouldn’t know about?”

See his tweet below:

Credit: Gistreel

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