I have always asked myself, how men rose to relevance and sustain it over years. It is one thing to rise to eminence and other to maintain it over time. Relevance is a function of continued efforts. Great are known for their consistency in any course, It keeps them in focus for as much as they keep holding on. Therefore, I will be discussing ways to staying relevant in any sphere or endeavor. I will be glad to hear that Mr. A or Mr. B visited my blog and learnt the system of sustaining relevance over time; I will be quick with this review of what I feel you should add to your list on your journey on becoming relevant.

Tip 1: Invest in Relationships/worthy networks

The system of men is what births relevance. A system or an atmosphere is changed on the introduction of certain people. Invest time in making new friends, connect with people, learn from their mistakes, network, add value to them and allow them to bless you. Don’t be a lone ranger if not you won’t last in relevance.

Tip 2: Make Decisions and not ‘Resolutions’

Have you wondered why your resolutions usually fail? Most often time there’s no clear cut resolved actions. It has become a norm conventionally. In the stead of the usual ‘Resolution’ make clear cut decisions and plans.

Tip 3: Stay on your lane

Your stand point of success differs from others. Learn to stay true to your calling, passion and convictions. That XYZ favors A does not mean it mean it will favor you. Be consistent on your lane and be focused too..Soonest your lane will reward you.

Tip 4: Monetize your passion

When God puts a talent in your hands, he expects a profit. Everything trying to take that talent without a profit is just the devil tempting. Don’t fail. Learn what pays you or what you’re passionate about and turn it to your source of earning.

Tip 5: Stretch

One of the greatest way to staying relevant is your ability to extend or unleashing completely your potentials for excellence and service. In doing that, you’re building capacity to staying relevant and successful beyond seasons.

Tip 6: Create new and innovative ideas

Men of ideas rule their world. Those who do not generate ideas will always serve those who do. What keep men relevant is their ability to think out what’s not yet obtainable and makes it/them a reality. Ideas keep one in and out of season.

Tip 7: Always find time to rest

As you prepare to stay relevant, create enough time with your family. Relax, have fun, hang out with friends, eat well, stay out of problems if possible controversies.

I hope this help. I will need a feedback on this publication, how did it bless you? Drop your comment on the comment box.


  1. Learning to stay true to your passion,convictions and believe…..very very important n necessary.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Maintaining relevance is more demanding than attaining it. This guidelines will sure do help a long way. Thanks for sharing sir


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