What will be, will be. How prepared you are for it, will be your difference.

I think, many times, we exert energy in the wrong direction. There have been people for and against the idea of the 5G. There have been all kinds of theories for and against the idea. I have lived long enough and been in a kind of mix that allows me tell you boldly here that there in an element of truth in every conversation that has arisen from the entire conversation. DO NOT DISMISS ANY COMPLETELY.

But you see, this 5G is here to stay. It has been considered a critical point of development for the human race.

Maybe at some point in some place where it was tested, it was shown to kill people, animals and the likes. Those people sadly are collateral damage for progress that must come. These words sound really dark, however trying to paint it doesn’t change the reality. With every level of progress, there will always be a level of damage. Some obvious and other not obvious.

Should this be considered a critical level to world advancement, everything possible will be done to mitigate its effect and make it best fit for human consumption with minimal challenges.

Should this be a core point for the fulfillment of scriptures, forget it, it is bound to happen and happen in grand style.

The adoption and installation of the 5G will further lead to other options and other kinds of innovation.

Rather than fight what will be, I advice the world and the general public to throw their energy into positioning to take advantage of what is to come.

Africa is always the last to take advantage of anything. Nigeria is always thinking of how to be at the bottom of the food chain and beg. I would rather we begin to ask key questions on how this can aid our society and aid us become better and how we can engage better for business with it.

Again, what will be will be. How prepared we are for it will be our defining point. olumati writes.

There are insinuations of 5G being Anti-christ from the christian folks with basic emphasis on the end time, where business,science and tech people see it as an advancement in our world, as we wait to explore the latest transition in the trend of technological innovation. Which ever way you view it doesn’t negate the fact that it has probably come to stay despite the pressure against it. It is basic we understand this reality, Well not in a bit to embrace it but in a bit to live with it as our current reality. It is as simple as this….I believe this has helped your understanding.

Let me know your thought about 5G in the comment box. I await your response.


  1. True words, even if this are to show us the signs of the end time as the Bible recorded then it should be a great eye opener to Christain’s and let us make our ways straight

  2. 5G network is good base on it’s speed to access the internet but I think it’s catastrophic.. But Good will help us.

    • The term “catastrophic” is not really clear to me brother.. Sorry guess you’re among the few who once said 4g will kill humans and yet embrace it?

      In my own thinking 5g in African (Nigeria to be precise is useless) but to the world it a time bomb.. The writer rightly note “Nigeria is always at the bottom” it unfortunate that our leaders chose for us, what to feed on in the chain of development.
      When it finally comes it’ll look as tho 3g

  3. Christians should always be ready and expectant of CHRIST coming 5G or not.

    Then the 5G is not something I am against, it is not like it is effective in countries like ours.

    Finally, I believe the lesson in this post is to position ourselves to take advantage of whatever innovations that are yet to come.

  4. Funny enough, God’s word is yeah and Amen if 5G is scriptural then mere destruction and opposition of the 5G is Antichrist because what God had declared must happen. If 5G is a mere tech. Upgrade, then it has come to stay because growth is a progressive thing. Any one it appears to be, a clear conscience fears no accusations. Live at peace with God and man and you have nothing to worry, be it 5, 10, 15 or even 100G.


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