In view to the old lived narrative about Igbo leadership structure, as it is obviously believed that the Ibos doesn’t have a leadership structure doesn’t negate the triads of a well defined units in the Igbo culture.

Permit me to state exclusively that humans have a natural instinct of leadership running through their blood either directly or indirectly. Humans by nature is created to be ‘leaders’ that’s the order that runs through creation in the Holy Bible with the coherent establishment of “Take Dominion over all creation”…This has been the stance of the instinct till date.

Howbeit, aside from a scriptural injunction… A political thought opines that “Man is a political animal”…This summarizes the fact that leadership instinct runs through every man despite how he tries to avoid it. This doesn’t differ from the Ibo man or the Ibo nation.

Here now, My concern being that after colonization.. The “son of soil” in a wide margin abstracted from the original culture of the ibos in a quest to embracing the white Man’s culture. From this point like Wole Soyinka wrote… “And the boy died” The Ibo culture died naturally especially in our current generation.

To further discuss this narrative it is believed “The Past is the key to the future “.Often times I always ask how “Nwa afo” has gotten to this point. The past saw a picture of a well defined family unit of the father, who’s the traditional custodian of the family, who governs alongside his first son who’s the ‘Okpala’..assumed to be the heir to the inheritance and legacies of his father on his demise.

The ‘okpala’ and the other male offspring ensures continuity of the linage. He’s often advised to marry another wife if the first couldn’t produce seeds to ensure continuity. This continuity ensures the assurance of existence of that generation.

The unit of the family unit extends to the ‘Ama’ usually called the kinsmen. The kinsmen negotiate activities within the homestead and ensures peace and order. It’s believed that when a grown woman is set tot marriage, These set of men determine the marrying cost and implications as it is believed that ‘one person doesn’t raise a child’ at least the child was to be corrected by any one who finds him to be of wrong habit while growing. They coordinate the affairs of the homestead, This continues even after their death as their offspring are appointed to replace them.

The ‘Eze’ and the ‘Ezemuo’ are the primary custodians of the stool of leadership and spiritual headship as of the later. The coordinate the affairs of the community with the ‘Ndi ozo’ and ‘Ndi Iche’ who are the titled men. The activities of the community, ‘spiritual and temporal’ are overseen by these two structures. They ensure the well being of the community.

Conclusively,The Ibo nation has a defined leadership structure in the time past unlike what we have now after colonization which left us with the new religion,way of living and transcendental pattern of leadership seen as ‘politics’. Do you know this about the ibos?

What three things can you say about the ibos having read this publication? I need your comments on the comment box.

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  1. Kudos
    Truly you know the tribe you come from. Love the way you explain everything about the Igbo Nation.
    More Grace

    • Hmmmm….. it was a good leadership structure. Colonization has indeed changed a lot of things. No only for the igbo nation but for Nigeria as a whole.


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