To start up a big business in Nigeria requires a lot. To start with, your capital must be on a high side to be able to be tagged ‘Big’. Those will little capital can own something good especially if you will follow what I will share in this publication.

I will be sharing on the three business you can start with a little scale capital in Nigeria.

There are sure a lot of trades you can start with but the question is how and what can it be to give you a good return. I have done my research very well and I have quality findings on what pay you with a little capital.

Here are some businesses you start up with low capital in Nigeria. Maybe if you don’t have any prospect you can consider these ones.

1.Make up business
Make up business in Nigeria is a very trending business which can be started out with a low capital. It doesn’t take much money to start especially with the option of mobility.

You must not necessarily have a permanent position or space to do your business, Most times you can work from home or the home of your client.

You will only need money to Buy kits and pay for your training. With these two, you can start up. Except you want to expand your services, you can decide to opt for a space or rent one. This is good but it will eventually take much opposing our discus in this series.

With network of friends and brand popularity, You wouldn’t need to struggle to make profit or returns from your services. Friends can recommend you if your services is excellent.

With a sum of thirty thousand Naira, you can start up a very good make up business with good returns. With more, you will be at amazing advantage.

2.Selling vouchers and Data
This I must say is very easy to start up with little or no capital. This is because the network providers gives you value as your client pays them. This is more of a telecommunication small scale and big scale business, It involves patronizing network providers, having an agreement to buy from them at a certain price and re-sell to your own clients or customers thereby making your own profit.

This partnership business runs in different ways such as airtime and data . You buy at a lower price and sells in a specific price making your own profit. The more you sell the more profit you make. You can extend your partnership with this network providers by selling the Sim-card and you get paid at the end of the month based on your sales and registration of these Sim-cards for their customers.

There are many you can go around this depending on the network providers conditions and requirements. Mtn, Glo, 9mboile and Airtel in Nigeria on’t have the same mode of operation. Their business policies differs although similar. You can opt for anyone that favors you.

3.Content writing

Contenting writing is one of the fastest growing skill among young people in Nigeria because it requires little or no capital. The basic requirement is your expertise in the skill.

Many firms are open to innovations and so most of them hire content writers for their new brand or new products.If you are well rooted with skills in writing and analyzing, this could be an opportunity for you to advance a career that will pay you well.

There are a lot of master class on content writing and development, If you wish to advance your knowledge you can enter free sessions with some content writing coaches or you could as well pay for the paid class and get professional training.

With or without capital you can start something doing, Just get yourself busy it will certainly pay you.


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