Let’s discus the two ways to celebrate your small wins.

Most often times, human memory is short lived. Some other time, It doesn’t appreciate ‘small’ wins. Small wins are what we term to not be overly relevant, maybe because of our higher pursuit or interest. Sometimes, what you are used to doesn’t seem much of great value. A woman who has given birth say to 100 children won’t take it of so much value when she gives birth to another, reason because she is used to it. Maybe it has not occurred to most people that what they call small win are most pivotal for living. Therefore, I encourage you to celebrate every of your little effort that pays. That’s the only way you can appreciate bigger ones.

Point one:

Have a posture of gratitude

What make great people great is their posture of gratitude. The average mind don’t see reasons to celebrate little wins… They see it as waste of time and resources. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support reckless spending or wasting of time. I don’t! But it is needful every of your little effort is appreciated…at least take a vacation, rest or any other way you feel you can celebrate your wins much better. Learn to appreciate those who stood by you  your striving days,  They will be spurred to keep assisting in the best way they can. You’re simply committing them to do More work for you.

Point two:

Be grateful always!

Don’t see any win to be small… A lot of people had prayed to have such wins, Be grateful! You got a new house, There are people who never slept in a good house before, and so on. It is a different thing to have a posture of gratitude and to be grateful in itself entirely. What gratitude does is to replicate your blessings, multiply your efforts in different ways. Imagine someone gives you 100 dollars and you appreciated him extremely well, am very sure he would love to give you more if he has the opportunity. This will be opposite of some who isn’t grateful at all. You’ve got to appreciate God, your family for their support and those who rallied round you to ensure the success or that little win. Have a grateful and be grateful always.

In Summary, Celebrate in little pleasure and gear up for the challenges ahead. Don’t spend all the money you have to please people because you’re celebrating your little win. Be intentional about this. God has blessed your understanding.

Your place is the top, it is too crowded at the bottom!

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  1. Points well noted.. This is not humanistic mind science, it’s Scriptural. A heart that shows gratitude is the hand that receives more.
    Be grateful always!

  2. Gratitude in little things goes a long way. Showing gratitude to others and for your wins is necessary, but it doesn’t mean you should be extravagant. Just appreciate your self.


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